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Does Jesus Exist?
did Jesus exist?

Are there grounds to question the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Jesus who was and is
the Jesus
      who was and is

Have you thought through the implications of the historical existence of Jesus?

Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?
Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?

Was Jesus just a great teacher who was deified after his death?

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Return to your Rest

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"Where is God? Where is He in my suffering? Where is His goodness He promised me? Why has He forsaken me?" This week has not been an easy one for me. I've been stressed out, depressed, and struggling with several key questions in my life. In the midst of it all, I cried out "Where is God?!" In my desperation, I opened my Bible and flipped to Psalms and started reading. One verse almost immediately

An elegant acquiescence: The Fault in Our Stars

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The weight of a simple human emotion Weighs me down more than the tank ever did. Don't give it up just yet; Stay grand for one more minute. —Troye Sivan Star-crossed young lovers in an ill-fated battle with deadly forces. It's a story that has resonated with a hundreds of generations over dozens of centuries, but is written for this generation particularly, as the best stories must be. I watched the movie recently and have

The Abuser’s Arsenal

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“Why does she stay? It doesn't make sense!” An abusive husband with a Bible-believing wife has an advantage - a secret weapon. The Bible, used in a twisted way, enables him to habitually control his wife and children and get that to which he feels entitled. r_seaman@hotmail.com There are a variety of verses in his arsenal, but his Tsar Canon is God telling wives to submit to their husbands. If a self-serving husband

How Can We Help the Sexual Abuse Victim?

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With society's current focus on the Duggars, maybe it'd be a good idea to look into general principles of how to help the victims of sexual abuse. What does a victim deal with? The abuse paradigm is a unique issue in which we need to educate ourselves. “She feels more shunned and rejected than the criminal,”1 explains Dr Dan B Allender in his book The Wounded Heart: Hope For Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse.