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Does Jesus Exist?
did Jesus exist?

Are there grounds to question the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Jesus who was and is
the Jesus
      who was and is

Have you thought through the implications of the historical existence of Jesus?

Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?
Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?

Was Jesus just a great teacher who was deified after his death?

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Why Marital Counseling is Not An Option

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It is natural for pastors and counsellors unfamiliar with the true nature of spouse abuse to assume that because a couple is married, meeting with them together makes sense. But the National Domestic Violence Hotline states that … in order for couples counselling to be successful, both partners must be willing to take responsibility for their actions and make adjustments to their behaviour. Abusive people want all of the power and control in the relationship

Reconciliation After Separation

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After an abuse victim has separated from her husband due to repetitive and serious sin, she will be faced with deciding what her response will be when he approaches her about getting back together. Whether he comes with charm, tears or threats, it is crucial for her to first have full assurance that his heart is broken over the pain he has caused, he no longer minimises or justifies his sin, he welcomes consequences and

Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and the Gospel

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Note: I first started writing this post over 2 years ago, but never published it. Since the advent of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent hot debates about cartoon depictions, religious expression, and equating Christian and Muslim extremism, I have decided to finish and post it. Principles of Free Speech One of the great 'principles' of the Free World is 'Freedom of Speech'. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the

Signposts of True Repentance

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"A truly repentant person does not negotiate the consequences of his actions." 1 Scene: an abused wife has followed Biblical principles and the couple is now separated. One day, her unrepentant husband shows up at the door with her favourite flowers. He says he's had time to think about their relationship. He's sorry, it won't happen again and he wants to get back together. He needs her. God's way IS reconciliation (I Corinthians 7:11) and