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Does Jesus Exist?
did Jesus exist?

Are there grounds to question the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Jesus who was and is
the Jesus
      who was and is

Have you thought through the implications of the historical existence of Jesus?

Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?
Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?

Was Jesus just a great teacher who was deified after his death?

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MacArthurisation: Some pushback

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To think and consider. This link is to an essay, being a response by John MacArthur to the Church Growth Movement.  You might be best to read John MacArthur's address to better understand my "pushback" against some of his ideas. It is apparent that John MacArthur's address was the opening address at something similar to a Grace Church Impact conference.  It is probable that later addresses at the conference picked up on John MacArthur's themes

How can I be glad in God’s anger?

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Question: "How do you reconcile the angry, wrathful God of the Old Testament to the loving, good God of the New Testament?" It's a question that I've wrestled with and am often asked about so I've decided to compile a small list of resources to address it. These are sermons I've preached to our assembly. I pray they will be of assistance to you.   Series: The Gospel of God: Paul's Letter to the Romans

Dear Thomas, (Why I think David is wrong about your same-sex attraction)

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A number of months ago, David Strain wrote an open letter to "Thomas," a fictional seminary student struggling with same-sex attraction. I appreciated the tone of his letter. It was a welcome contrast to Phil Johnson's handling of the topic to which I offered a somewhat salty—but no less intellectually and biblically rigorous—response. Hope for Thomas My goal here is to address David's error in order to give people like Thomas some hope. Not the


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That c-word. No one expects it. No one welcomes it. It's just a small lump in the middle of my back. Not even sure it's worth mentioning to my doctor.  Sure... we'll watch it and see if it grows or becomes irregular in shape. It'll be fine. It wasn't fine. The doctor excised it and off it went to the lab. Being too unusual to identify, it was sent off to the big city. Results: