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Does Jesus Exist?
did Jesus exist?

Are there grounds to question the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Jesus who was and is
the Jesus
      who was and is

Have you thought through the implications of the historical existence of Jesus?

Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?
Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?

Was Jesus just a great teacher who was deified after his death?

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Biblical Options for the Emotionally Abused

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What should a wife do when her husband has a pattern of abusing her emotionally and verbally (but not physically)? Definition Abuse is not the occasional burst of anger, selfishness or criticism. Genuine abuse equals the Biblical term “oppression”. Abuse is a pattern of toxic behaviour (see chart) intended to maintain control over the woman whom he vowed before God and witnesses to love, cherish and protect. Our post defining emotional abuse further clarifies. A

FREE! New ebook! Resolution

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Resolution: making your resolutions & making them happen is Jason Harris' brand new ebook and it is now available! Even better, you can get it right now right here for free! You get one life. Just one. You live it. You use it up. And then it's gone. This is the reality that energises Jason's latest project, Resolution, making your resolutions & making them happen. The new year is the ideal time to assess your

The Shepherd

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His smile, the instrument of vice; The evil lurks beneath the nice. And truth, a shade to hide the light Dare never interfere with right. See wounded souls, they shrink in fear; He holds the sword of justice here. And woe to those poor sheep he leads, In pastures green, the shepherd feeds...

Biblical Options for the Physically Abused

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Q: Wouldn't a godly wife meekly submit “in everything, as to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:24) - including domestic violence - “til death us do part”? (statistically, death at his hand is a real possibility) Q: Isn't it “acceptable with God” to “endure grief, suffering wrongfully”? (I Peter 2 & 3) In a previous post, we saw that God hates abuse, labeling it evil and wicked. Will she “win” her husband by bowing to and enabling