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Does Jesus Exist?
did Jesus exist?

Are there grounds to question the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

The Jesus who was and is
the Jesus
      who was and is

Have you thought through the implications of the historical existence of Jesus?

Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?
Did the Jesus of the Bible exist?

Was Jesus just a great teacher who was deified after his death?

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The independence of the IBs and why Australia’s not buying it

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Independent Baptist (IB) Kevin Harris recently came under public scrutiny in Australia for his dangerous views on rape and child abuse. The responses from IB leaders have varied from enthusiastically rallying around him to reticent disapproval. One of the key arguments that I've heard many times over the last two weeks is the notion that IBs are independent, and therefore not obligated to take any sort of stand against this evil. But few, if any,

The statement from Kevin Harris; Charlie Haddad

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At 9.25pm on Thursday evening, Charlie Haddad, pastor of Grace Bible Baptist Church (an IB church) put a statement "by Kevin Harris" up on his facebook wall. You can read Kevin's statement here. It's odd to me that the statement has been released in this way. I would have expected it to be put up on the Illawarra Community Baptist Church website. Or released to the press. Instead, a buddy in the movement puts it

Yes, there IS a problem

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I've just been through a very intense 48 hours since the airing of the 60 Minutes report on my family. The last thing I want to do right now is sit down and analyse the response to this programme, but it needs to be done. Links First, let me give you the links you need to know about. The 60 Minutes programme (Part 1, Part 2) The Files Extra Minutes (more of Kevin, women in

To the VFBT church family

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Scott Wendal was interviewed for the 60 Minutes programme last night. He came out looking fairly good. Unfortunately, his behaviour behind the scenes has been a demonstration of the sort of behaviour that put him and the Independent Baptists in the spotlight in the first place. He wrote an email before the programme aired which can only be described as disturbing. This was distributed to the Valley Forge Baptist Temple leadership (to be distributed throughout