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Jason loves to communicate God's word both in the local church and at conferences and retreats. Jason has been involved with Worship Music since 1996 and InFocus since 2005. Jason has degrees in theology, music, accounting, and research and is currently a PhD candidate and lecturer in the College of Business, Law, and Governance at James Cook University, Cairns. Jason is also a pastor at CrossPoint Church. You can contact Jason at jason@jasonharris.com.au.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to my new website! This website will have two functions going forward. First, it will serve as an online home for my writing. Second, it will serve as an archive for the best articles published at InFocus over the years. InFocus began in 2005 as the official blog of

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How can I be glad in God’s anger?

Question: "How do you reconcile the angry, wrathful God of the Old Testament to the loving, good God of the New Testament?" It's a question that I've wrestled with and am often asked about so I've decided to compile a small list of resources to address it. These are sermons

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Why rejecting the social sciences feels reasonable… but isn’t

Let's face it. Conservative Christians tend to be wary of the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology. I have many friends in church leadership who view the soft sciences with moderated suspicion at least. Others reject them overtly. And this feels reasonable because, it is argued, the social

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When pastor kills himself

Moments ago I saw the news of an American megachurch pastor, Andrew Stoecklein, who took his own life after a battle with depression and anxiety. Almost immediately the commentary on facebook began. As a pastor who battles mental health struggles, I feel compelled to insert a few thoughts into the

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On Phil Johnson and same-sex attraction

Phil Johnson recently began stirring the pot on the non-neutrality of same-sex attraction (SSA). You can read it here and here. It's the sort of cantankerous monologue you'd expect from a hard-line fundamentalist like Phil. But he's finally provoked me enough to get me writing. So that's something. First, let's

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Why I still believe in the local church

An old friend recently asked my thoughts on the local church and it occurred to me that I'm odd. If anyone should hate the local church, it's me. I grew up in an extreme wing of Christian Fundamentalism. My childhood pastor—my Dad—is currently in prison. My world is full of

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The independence of the IBs and why Australia’s not buying it

Independent Baptist (IB) Kevin Harris recently came under public scrutiny in Australia for his dangerous views on rape and child abuse. The responses from IB leaders have varied from enthusiastically rallying around him to reticent disapproval. One of the key arguments that I've heard many times over the last two

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The statement from Kevin Harris; Charlie Haddad

At 9.25pm on Thursday evening, Charlie Haddad, pastor of Grace Bible Baptist Church (an IB church) put a statement "by Kevin Harris" up on his facebook wall. You can read Kevin's statement here. It's odd to me that the statement has been released in this way. I would have expected

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Yes, there IS a problem

I've just been through a very intense 48 hours since the airing of the 60 Minutes report on my family. The last thing I want to do right now is sit down and analyse the response to this programme, but it needs to be done. Links First, let me give

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