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Jim was one of the most notable Christian martyrs of the twentieth century. He died taking the gospel to the Huaorani people of Ecuador. Jim was a graduate of Wheaton College and an evangelist in the United States before embarking to minister in Ecuador. Jim's official biography is called The Shadow of the Almighty. Jim's wife, Elisabeth, still ministers broadly. Jim's postings on InFocus are all taken directly from The Journals of Jim Elliot.

Value in novels

Back at work in the post office at Huntington. Slow going with souls here, but there are encouraging signs. Men unsound in doctrine complicate the issue by "sanctification" experiences. Ah, for a place where the Scriptures have not been twisted! Lord, send me to Ecuador! Reading Of Human Bondage stirred

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The startling quietness of God

I think there is nothing so startling in all the graces of God as His quietness. When men have raged untruths in His Name, when they have used the assumed authority of the Son of God to put to death His real children, when they have with calloused art twisted

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A life of godliness in light of an early death

“Enjoyed much sweetness” (as he puts it) in the reading of the last months of Brainerd’s life. How consonant are his thoughts to my own regarding the “true and false religion of this late day.” Saw, in reading him, the value of these notations and was much encouraged to think

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When the milk of the Word curdles

There is that restlessness, that itching, urging discontent in me again this morning. The milk of the Word curdles before me or seems to sour within. Hatefulness and rebellion against all restraint is not far from the surface; and it is good that I am not alone here. "Lead me

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On the atonement

Leviticus 12, 13 "I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me" ( Pss. 51:5 KJV). From the beginning of my life my contact has been with the unclean—how than can a man become pure? The atonement blood that cleanses my mother must avail also for

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