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1 Samuel 16

Saul was anointed while seeking asses; David while tending sheep.

The kings came from things commonplace. “God looketh on the heart” (v. 7).

Skill, fine features, pleasing manners—”personality”—can be had by external imposition, and God cares little for such. His eye is on the heart.

Now external effects are not bad—David had them: cunning, courageous, clever, and comely. But what was important was that “the Lord was with him” (v. 18). When personality is made from within, it is acceptable.

The holy life of fearless Samuel brought trembling to the elders of Bethlehem. Lord, wilt Thou impart holiness of this sort to me? I can make men laugh; I cannot make them tremble.

This chapter illustrates the power of music (v. 23).

–29 July, 1948

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