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Back at work in the post office at Huntington. Slow going with souls here, but there are encouraging signs.

Men unsound in doctrine complicate the issue by “sanctification” experiences. Ah, for a place where the Scriptures have not been twisted! Lord, send me to Ecuador!

Reading Of Human Bondage stirred me again to feel today. This is one thing I see of value in a novel; it stirs me from apathy, moves me to love, hate, think.

I should like to write one on the peculiarities of modern fundamentalism from a member of a denominational church and call it Shadow of the Spire. What inconsistencies to be parodied to show the saints their narrowness! A very real possibility of ministering church truth perhaps. Maybe some time in the penitentiary….

But, as W. S. Maugham says, “Life is to be lived, rather than to be written about.” Other notable quips:

  • From old habit he unconsciously thanked God that he no longer believed in Him.
  • These old folk had done nothing, and when they died, it would be just as if they had never been.

16 December, 1950

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Jim was one of the most notable Christian martyrs of the twentieth century. He died taking the gospel to the Huaorani people of Ecuador. Jim was a graduate of Wheaton College and an evangelist in the United States before embarking to minister in Ecuador. Jim's official biography is called The Shadow of the Almighty. Jim's wife, Elisabeth, still ministers broadly. Jim's postings on InFocus are all taken directly from The Journals of Jim Elliot.

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