Revival in Australia

Do It Again, Lord. Please. Do It Again.

Revival in Australia, Part One By Jason Harris When I was in Bible college, I lived in a suburb of Wollongong nestled on the heights leading up to Mount Kembla. Every time I walked out the front door, there she was, that mountain peak just begging me to climb her.

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The Great Melbourne Mission

Revival in Australia, Part Two By Jason Harris It was in April of 1902 that R. A. Torrey, the well known Bible teacher and successor to D. L. Moody in Chicago, held his great Melbourne Mission. The churches of Melbourne had been a long time in preparing for the meetings.

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A Hunger for God’s Word

Revival in Australia, Part Three By Jason Harris The glowing evangelistic days of Torrey and Alexander’s Melbourne mission in 1902 were not one-off events. There were many campaigns held around the country. One of the most notable was held in 1909 when Charles Alexander returned to Australia, this time with

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Our Country, Our Responsibility

Revival in Australia, Part Four By Jason Harris This brief series on revival in Australia has not been an overview, but merely a few brief windows into the rich spiritual heritage of our nation. We could yet talk of the great evangelistic works of Lionel B. Fletcher and John G.

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