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So How is That Working out for You?

A large benefit of my faith in Christ, is that it helps me make sense of this world. As a follower of Jesus and his teachings, I realize a few critical points. I am a sinner, along with everyone in this world Our sin explains the evil things that happen

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From Fire Insurance to Love Story

The initial and primary motive drawing me to Christ was 'Fire Insurance'. When the reality of hell and judgement sunk in, I quickly began taking Jesus seriously. If we are honest, this motivation is a driving factor in most of our conversion experiences. I call it the 'Sinners in the

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Easter Is For Runners

"What is your most popular Easter egg?"  I asked the lady at Darrell Lea.  She pointed to a large-sized egg. "Oh, definitely the nougat egg -- the whole thing is filled with nougat!" Sounds way too sweet, I thought.  No offence, nougat fans. For most people, Easter is a nougat

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Death and taxes: The theology of Easter

They say only two things are certain: Death and taxes. I suppose we could think of tax as one of a citizen's liabilities in a contract between a nation and its citizens. A contract that's broken by death. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to escape our bondage to

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Of relationship and an open mind

I try to keep an open mind. You can broach just about any subject with me and I'm willing to listen and consider other perspectives... usually. There's one thing that tends to get in the way of my open mind. That's when someone has a go at someone I love.

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Resources For Youth Groups

For teens, youth group can be a great way to have fun and to learn and live out the Word. But for leaders, it's often a challenge to juggle activities and provide proper instruction. Here are three educational resources I've used, which can enrich teens and assist leaders. A Sneaking

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God’s Love Demonstrated

Thanks to Facebook, I recently saw something I had not seen before in a wedding, from a couple I knew from uni.  Both are musicians and in their wedding, the groom chose to sing to his bride as she approached. I showed this to teens at school and asked what

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Designer Furniture & Monks

I recently read an article about designer furniture on a domestic flight in China. In summary: 1) The wealthy in China have property and technology, 2) Furniture will be the next status symbol, and 3) Buying furniture from China is unacceptable (this is ironic considering where the rest of the

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Insights for Easter

This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on Jesus' death and resurrection. Here are some insights gleaned from John Stott's The Cross Of Christ: “In the Christian theology of history, the death of Christ is the central point of history; here all the roads of the past

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Face to Face with the New Testament

See this morning's post for the context of this post. I wanted to give you the information for Dr. Don Barker's seminar Face to Face with the New Testament. You can get the information on the web here (go down to #4). The following information is taken directly from the

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