Smart Phone, Dumb People

Over the past 5 years, the rise of the smartphone has been incredible. They have changed the way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate and - with the recently released iPhone 5 - the way we pay for things. We have been enamoured by the features

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Bridging the Emotional Gap

Welcome back to a new posting season. One of the challenges Christians face is the 'now, but not yet' reality of our salvation. We know that we have been bought by Christ, redeemed by His blood, forgiven by His grace and set free from the power of sin. Yet, we

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Pastors and blogging (An interview with Al Garlando)

Following on from last week's interview with Bob Bixby, I've interviewed Al Garlando, an Australian blogging pastor. Jason Harris interviews Albert Garlando for InFocus JH: I know you're a busy man, so I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. First, just let us know a little about

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Should pastors blog? (An interview with Bob Bixby)

Part of the purpose of InFocus is to develop the Australian blogosphere. We do this by providing an Australian section in our blogroll, by linking generously to Australian blogs, and by encouraging Australian readers, thinkers, and theologians to blog. I want to further support this purpose by focusing today on

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Readers, thinkers, and theologians

In last week's post, I addressed the first and second lines of the InFocus purpose statement. Today, I'd like to address the third line. Our purpose Our purpose is... to develop the Australian blogosphere, cultivate serious and useful discussion, and develop a generation of readers, thinkers, and theologians.

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Some controversy is worth having

I've got a raft of posts that I'm looking forward to putting up, but I felt it good to take a post or two to refresh us on what InFocus is all about. Our purpose Our purpose is... to develop the Australian blogosphere, cultivate serious and useful discussion, and

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What’s on Your Wall?

When I joined Facebook, my initial feeling was fascination.  I was connecting with friends around the world in a way that was convenient and relatively secure.  We regained contact with other friends whom we probably would never see again, due to distance or circumstances.  As our friend list grew online,

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iPads.. in a ministry context

Chances are (if you’re reading this blog) you know about the launch of the Apple iPad. Perhaps you’re curious about its potential for use in a ministry context? Perhaps you have a strong opinion (for or against) based on your technological preference? I own one. Here are my initial thoughts:

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Blogging and controversy

It is a well known fact among bloggers that controversial posts generate more hits than non-controversial posts. As a long-time blogger, I've often had to assess my motives at this juncture. I could say something in a less controversial way and get some people to read it. Or I could

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Have You Heard of These?

If you lead or help in a church ministry, here are four Australian resources which can assist and encourage you. Matthias Media is a local evangelical publisher with a distinct focus: "We're not the slightest bit interested in adding to the already monumental pile of Christian books churned out each

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