Relationship Conflicts

A sad characteristic that follows some people is the need to be critical or in conflict. This 'way of relating' is often observed in 'independent churches' who have made an art form of it. However, conflict and criticism has also flowed over into how individuals from such backgrounds relate to other individuals in life in general.

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Maybe I am just getting older, but I am increasingly hearing about the Big C.   People I know are increasingly being diagnosed and talking about their cancer experiences.    Cancer is simply a growth of cells that is not natural.  It can occur in any part of the body,

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Bridging the Emotional Gap

Welcome back to a new posting season. One of the challenges Christians face is the 'now, but not yet' reality of our salvation. We know that we have been bought by Christ, redeemed by His blood, forgiven by His grace and set free from the power of sin. Yet, we

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Is Health Insurance A Good Investment?

A young couple in a church I attended in the US, claimed they did not need health insurance. "God would provide for their needs", they firmly believed. When they had a significant car accident and incurred hefty medical bills, the church asked its parishioners (who had been regularly paying their

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How Many Kids Should I Have?

The average Australian family size with 2.4 kids is not as common as it use to be. Increasingly small sedans are making way for either Toyota Coasters or a Mazda MX5s. When we look to the Bible for guideance, we cannot find a passage that tells us how many children

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