Maybe I am just getting older, but I am increasingly hearing about the big C. People I know are increasingly being diagnosed and talking about their cancer experiences. Cancer is simply a growth of cells that is not natural. It can occur in any part of the body, but commonly occurs in the prostate (men), breast (women), bowel, liver, brain, and other organs or on the skin. Caught early on, there are various types of treatments that can slow or even sometime eradicate the cancer. However, today, cancer is still a leading cause of death. Eighty percent of men that die actually have a form of prostate cancer when they pass away.

Death is not natural

Cancer is unnatural. We were not created to die. When God created Adam and Eve, his intention was for us to live in our bodies forever. God did not create us to get cancer or to die. The idea that death is a natural part of the circle of life is an evolutionary lie. We only get cancer as a result of the curse—which we brought upon ourselves. While God foreknew that we would fall (sin), it is important to grasp that cancer is not God’s will. God’s will has always been—and still is—for us to live forever. Therefore cancer and death must be seen as a byproduct of the fall. Cancer and death must be seen as a window we must pass through in order to enter eternal live. Once we pass through that window, we will then be living in a truly natural and perfect state.

The cure for cancer

TV ads for finding cures for cancer seem to be more prevalent. The good news is that survival rates for cancer are increasing significantly. The bad news is that it often only delays the effects. There are numerous organisations that are seeking to find cures for cancer. Even though our life in this world is temporary, I support and commend such initiatives. Here is a list of some prominent organisations that are fighting to support those who suffer from cancer.

Many people leave parts of their worldly possessions to such organisations in their wills. This is commendable. If you have additional organisations that are supporting the fight, feel free to post them in the comments section. But let’s also remember that cancer is not the main battle. The main battle is against sin and death, and that victory has been won.

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