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Alana is a primary school teacher. She and her husband, David lived in Cairns for over 17 years but are now living in Cape York in a remote Aboriginal community. Alana enjoys teaching in many different capacities, reading missionary biographies and pursuing biblical womanhood.

Watch This Space

I’ve spent the past two months researching the lives of Fred and Sybil Pucknell. Not a minute has been wasted. Not one email or one letter. I have enjoyed receiving every piece of the puzzle. I have been thrilled when someone has given me information and it has linked with

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As Unto The Lord

  He was born in 1898 in London, England. While studying engineering, World War One was devastating countries, people’s ideals and families. The Army Flying Corp which later became the Royal Air Force became his home and occupation for the next few years. But the highlight of his time in

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Let It Be

Ahh, a Beatles song isn’t it? Maybe that’s what went through your mind when you first read the title. Maybe, maybe not. Depends how old you are, what kind of music you prefer (or once preferred) or what you were thinking about as you sat to read this post. For

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Sticks, Sand and Slingshots

Children live in Pormpuraaw. They can be found in many places around here. You don”™t have to look far even if you”™re just driving into town. They could be playing marbles on the road, throwing rocks at certain trees to get the fruit down or chasing one another around the

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A Photo Won’t Do

Pormpuraaw has two rivers. The Moonkan River to the north and to the south, the Chapman River. Beach stretches between the two mouths of the rivers and of course looks out to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Not far from the rivers are camping grounds with an amenities block and a

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