The article following (in the next post) was originally published on InFocus (back when it was called the “Fundamentalist Resource Centre”) back in July 2005. It’s been a while, but I think it still applies today.

These are exciting days to be a Fundamentalist in Australia. God is doing amazing things in churches across the nation. We’re seeing a whole generation of pastors get older (no offence guys!) and move into more of a mentoring role. This is an opportunity the last generation didn’t often get. These types of men provide stability and depth to the movement and I’m thankful for them.

Back when GMT began (over three years ago), we couldn’t have dreamed what God would do through the ministry. Today, GMT has over 550 members and plays a part in the lives of hundreds of people. Some people argue that a ministry like this will draw people away from their local churches, but I believe that GMT has been a tool and a catalyst to draw people closer to their churches. Our desire is to come along side the local churches and play a role in encouraging and sharpening young people so that they’ll be more effective and more committed to what the Lord is doing in their lives through his church.

I could go on, but I won’t. The point is, I think GMT is playing a part in what Australian Fundamentalism is and is becoming and that’s an amazing thought to me. Praise the Lord!

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