Deliberate living

Thoreau: “to live deliberately”

He wasn't a believer, but Henry David Thoreau was a thoughtful and articulate man. This piece from Walden inspires and intrigues me. I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it

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Deliberate living

Every believer is responsible to conduct himself deliberately. Let me explain what I mean. To live deliberately is to live on purpose. It's the opposite of letting life happen to you. It's the opposite of going with the flow. To be deliberate is to be careful, not careless. To be

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Just because

You know how to recognise a person who isn't acting deliberately? Ask him "why?" If he doesn't know, then he's probably doing it "just because." "Just because" is rarely a good reason. "Why do I need a reason for everything I do?" you might ask. Because that's what it means

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The deliberate Christ

To be deliberate is to always move forward with the destination in mind. Perhaps the most striking picture of the deliberate Christ is found in Luke 9:51: "He set his face to go to Jerusalem." This is at least six months before his crucifixion, and yet Jesus Christ””the deliberate Christ””is

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Deliberate living: death of spontaneity?

Does deliberate living spell death for spontaneity? I've been thinking this through over the last two weeks as several people brought it up in the comments here and here. Here are my thoughts. 1) The opposite of intentionality is not spontaneity. The opposite of intentionality is traditionalism. Traditionalism does something

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