Nancy Guthrie just spoke at One Love women’s convention here today, helping us understand how to respond to God’s amazing love. From John 21 where Jesus asked Peter three times “Do you love me?” we see Jesus graciously offering forgiveness for the three times Peter denied him. Words can’t be taken back, but this is another example of how love starts with God.

With Jesus’ comment “What is that to you?” he points out that loving and following him is not exactly the same for everyone.

We cannot really say we love God until we have absorbed his forgiveness and love for us. His cooking and inviting the disciples to breakfast on the beach illustrate how he comes and calls us in our hour of need. We don’t search for him; he searches for us. And then when they were fed, he commissioned them to feed others, as we are to minister to others.

How can we overcome our fears and doubts? “Perfect love casts out fear.” His love enables us to look Jesus in the face and answer heartily “Yes! I do love you!” How can we do less? What other motivation is there to serve others? What other basis to please our God than his amazing love for us!

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