I’m taking a break this week. Here’s five thoughts from Jim Berg on godliness.

“Godliness is a vibrant, personal relationship with God that manifests itself in actions consistent with Who God is and with what He is doing in the earth.”

“Nothing erodes progress toward godliness more than today’s entertainment mindset and the modern church’s casual Christianity.”

“Energy, enthusiasm, and emotional experiences are no substitute for the daily, personal pursuit of Christ in the Word.”

“There is much going on between the godly man and his God, and his personal quiet time with God is measured, not by minutes a week but eventually by hours a week.”

“Godliness is not accidental; it is intentional.”

From Essential Virtues, a study on II Peter chapter 1. Well worth reading. You can buy it on Amazon here.

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Ben is part of a church plant team establishing the Rouse Hill Church. He holds a Master of Divinity degree. Ben and his wife Diahanna live in Sydney, Australia with their four young children.


  1. Robert 13 April, 2011 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    I enjoy your posts Ben.

    They are either teasingly provocative or straightforwardly edifying.

  2. Ben Kwok 14 April, 2011 at 8:07 am - Reply

    thanks brother — will have to catch up next time you’re in Sydney, perhaps.

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