Dr. Don Barker offers a seminar Face to Face with the New Testament in Sydney. You can get the information on the web here (go down to #4). The following information is taken directly from the pdf brochure which Dr. Barker emailed to me (download pdf).

Museum of Ancient Cultures

Macquarie University

  • Hear about the amazing New Testament discoveries from the sands of Egypt.
  • Learn how the New Testament documents were written and copied.
  • Understand why we can have confidence in the New Testament text and its history.
  • View one of the earliest fragments of the New Testament that is housed at the Museum.

Macquarie University has at its Museum of Ancient Cultures a unique collection of over 700 ancient documents from Egypt and one of the earliest fragments of the New Testament. Face to Face with the New Testament is a fascinating look at the New Testament documents and the reliability of their transmission. Dr. Don Barker who is a Papyrologist at Macquarie University leads the seminar.

(Because of university costs we prefer groups of not less than 12 persons. If a group is less than 12 the cost is $198.00. For groups over 12 the cost per person is $16.50.)

For further information and bookings contact:
Dr. Don Barker
(02) 9850 9962

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