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MacArthurisation: Some Pushback

To think and consider. This link is to an essay, being a response by John MacArthur to the Church Growth Movement.  You might be best to read John MacArthur's address to better understand my "pushback" against some of his ideas. It is apparent that John MacArthur's address was the opening

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Why rejecting the social sciences feels reasonable… but isn’t

Let's face it. Conservative Christians tend to be wary of the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology. I have many friends in church leadership who view the soft sciences with moderated suspicion at least. Others reject them overtly. And this feels reasonable because, it is argued, the social

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Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and the Gospel

Note: I first started writing this post over 2 years ago, but never published it. Since the advent of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent hot debates about cartoon depictions, religious expression, and equating Christian and Muslim extremism, I have decided to finish and post it. Principles of Free Speech

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FREE! New ebook! Resolution

Resolution: making your resolutions & making them happen is Jason Harris' brand new ebook and it is now available! Even better, you can get it right now right here for free! You get one life. Just one. You live it. You use it up. And then it's gone. This is

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Evangelism Through Etymology

As we go about our daily lives, we subtly adopt the terminology of our workplace and culture.   Many of the sayings we use come from pagan origins  (such as 'thank your lucky stars).   Even though we don't think about astrology when we utter such a phrase, we are

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Theology Research Plan – March 2014

One aspect of the Apostle Paul's prayer for the church at Colosse was that they might "increase in the knowledge of God" (Colossians 1:10). Is there anything better? Is there a subject in all the world that should consume our time more than this? I have included below some notes

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Is giving to my church tax deductible in Australia?

Believe it or not, there are some places in the world where your offerings at church are tax deductible. This has resulted in a steady stream of searches coming through to InFocus with people trying to find out if this is true in Australia. The simple answer is "no." While

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Defining Ourselves

In today's world of social media, personal branding has become 'important'.    Many people are concerned about how they are perceived and how others define them.   Facebook statuses, categories and posts are often crafted to create a certain opinion of how we want to be known.  However... How we

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Relationship Conflicts

A sad characteristic that follows some people is the need to be critical or in conflict. This 'way of relating' is often observed in 'independent churches' who have made an art form of it. However, conflict and criticism has also flowed over into how individuals from such backgrounds relate to other individuals in life in general.

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