When was the last time you had a gospel conversation?

Is the gospel difficult for you to explain?

If you are rusty with evangelism, you could really benefit from Two Ways To Live.

What’s Good About It


The Two Ways To Live outline presents these theological points:

1. Creation

2. Sin

3. Death and judgment

4. Jesus’ atoning death

5. Jesus’ resurrection and lordship

6. Repentance and faith

Creation can be a controversial topic, but it’s an important introduction to the message of salvation. Overall, the outline flows logically with key statements for each point. There is a challenge to repent and believe, but that challenge is given in the context of points 1-5. Because our society is increasingly ignorant of biblical truths, this outline provides a proper foundation. So the listener is informed of the sovereignty and love of God, sin and its penalty, and the necessity of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Simple illustrations (which anyone can draw) help to explain the gospel clearly and keep the conversation on-track. I admit to being skeptical initially about drawing the gospel, especially to strangers. But with the right opportunity, drawing the pictures while you explain really is an effective way to present the gospel. It’s not as awkward as you might think. The pictures also help you to remember the outline.


The TWTL training approach is excellent for the average church member. The seven-week course combines an interactive workbook with Bible study and video demonstrations. Practical assignments reinforce the learning process and an audio CD is included for further reference. It is challenging to memorise the pictures, outline statements, and Bible verses. Those who practice regularly are able to master the material and then use it naturally in conversation.

Impact on Christians and non-Christians

The gospel is simple enough for any believer to communicate, yet there are many Christians who are unskilled or not confident in talking about the gospel. There’s a need for more training. In an Australian survey a few years back, most of the 4,400 congregations surveyed had not provided any training in evangelism in the two years prior. A course like Two Ways To Live clarifies the believer’s personal understanding of the gospel and encourages him to share it.

How do people respond to Two Ways To Live? They usually are grateful for your explaining the Christian worldview and/or they are uncomfortable with the challenge to follow Jesus. There may also be opportunities for follow-up. Of course, if you are building a relationship then you have more flexibility in sharing the gospel details over time.


This is not important, but it’s great to use an evangelism course that was developed locally with Australian churches in mind. See video samples here.

Church leaders: see this chart by the Sydney Anglicans for a comparison of other evangelism tools.

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