One aspect of the Apostle Paul’s prayer for the church at Colosse was that they might “increase in the knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:10). Is there anything better? Is there a subject in all the world that should consume our time more than this? I have included below some notes that I handed to the people at Mt. Cathedral Community Baptist Church on Sunday and I felt that they may be beneficial to the wider Christian community. Additionally, you will find a “Theology Research Plan” for March (a little late, I’m sorry) which is designed to assist you in learning about a different character of God each day. Have a read of the information below and it my prayer that it will be a blessing to you, and most importantly, assist you in increasing in the knowledge of God!

“Increasing in the Knowledge of God” Colossians 1:10

Making theology a priority

Theology undergirds absolutely every aspect of our lives. A faulty theology will result in a wrong perspective, and worse than that, we will not be able to worship the Lord in Spirit and in TRUTH, because we do not know the TRUTH about Him.

Christians are to spend their lives in pursuit of knowing and praising God. Knowledge comes through research and experience. Experience with God is part of the process of walking with Him and is acquired by means of a life spent as His disciple. There are no shortcuts when it comes to experience – it takes time. Research and study, however, is an investment we make, and the time we spend pursuing God in the Scriptures is entirely dependent upon us and the priority we make it.

Theology mission for March

To help you begin, or recommence your studies into the character and attributes of God, a “Theology research plan” for the 31 days of March has been designed to aid you in this magnificent endeavour.

The intention is to encourage you to spend some time in the Scriptures each day learning about a different aspect of God. Whether you finish the entire study by the end of March is incidental, what really matters is whether you are growing in your knowledge of God. Feel free to take your time, and research additional passages which relate to the specific attribute you are studying.

Above all, do not simply enter this “mission” as an intellectual exercise, pray earnestly each day that the Lord would reveal Himself to you in a fuller and deeper way. Make Moses’ prayer your own, “Please show me your glory” (Exo. 33:18).

The importance of keeping notes

If you decide to embark upon this awesome mission, let me encourage you to purchase a new notebook or journal which is sanctified for this purpose alone. As you commence your study each day, write the date, topic, verses and the application derived from your study.

Keeping a record of your studies and research into the character of God will be a blessing to you in the days ahead when you review, change, and add notes that you are learning on your theological journey as a Christian.

Finally, do not be afraid to meet with others and share the exciting “nuggets of gold” that you have found during your theological diggings. Encouraging one another in the pursuit of God is an important aspect of Christianity and the church.

If I can help you in any way on your mission, do not be afraid or ashamed to ask. Now pick up your shovel and pick, and to the Scriptural mine we go. Eureka!

Theology research plan (March 2014)

Please ensure that you consider the context surrounding the verses listed below and it will probably prove helpful to look up the references in different versions of the Bible.

Please feel free to pass this out to as people as you feel would be benefited from this research plan.

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About Daniel Kriss

Daniel is pastor at Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church in Taggerty, Victoria. Daniel has studied theology and has been involved in itinerant preaching since 1999. In 2006, Daniel founded SWAT Camp which helps develop young leaders for Christian ministry. Daniel and his wife Jessica live in Melbourne. You can contact Daniel at


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    Good stuff bro.

  2. Liz 20 March, 2014 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    “it will probably prove helpful to look up the references in different versions of the Bible.”

    I’m giggling on the inside.

    Daniel, can I get that in PDF/Word format?

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