I remember the day as if it was yesterday. It was my first day in high school (Year Seven for international readers) and my whole world was changing. In primary school, you reach the top of the food chain in Year Six only to start again at the bottom in high school. At the end of the day, there was one constant: Mum would be waiting for me in the pick up line. For the next six years, we would have many talks on the road to and from North Parramatta. I never fully realised how much time and effort she invested in the driving process until I got my license and started to drive to school myself. Our conversations would vary greatly. I remember telling my mother about an elaborate practical joke in Year Eight in great detail only to have her ask about how I would feel if the joke was played on me. I remember talking about friends, classes, and all the frustrations of teenage life.

I didn’t fully understand it then, but I do now. My mother was modeling and teaching truth every day. Only a servant would spend two hours in the car each day driving back and forth from school. She used that time to share her faith and to encourage me to ask the big questions of life. She showed me how you could rise above the immediate trouble and see God’s purpose. She helped me to see the preciousness of others.

To my own mother: I love you and I am thankful for you. To mothers: know that your children are learning from you every day. Before they can talk and read they have the opportunity to learn about God through your reactions and through your actions. Above the tears and the sleepless nights, your children will rise up and call you blessed (Proverbs 31:28).

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About Jeremy Kwok

Jeremy grew up in Sydney before moving to the United States for tertiary studies. Jeremy completed the BA, MA (History), and M.Div degrees before returning to Australia with his wife Debbie. He currently works for Christian Education Ministries, a company that owns and operates private schools.