Proverbs 27:17- “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

Recently, I’ve been convicted about the need to spend one-on-one time with people. Hanging out with a group of people is great and has its place but spending time with one or a few people can really grow a relationship in leaps and bounds.

“Lately, he had been feeling that this one-on-one individual work was as important as preaching. ‘To have a man come to see you at your own house and be able to talk with him plainly and directly about his soul’s welfare, what could be better?… I feel that there is more force in an appeal under these conditions…”

–James Fraser, Missionary to the Lisu people.

Though Fraser was speaking of challenging a man on their eternal destiny, the principal is still true that one-on-one interaction may bring about openness and accountability between two people and therefore can be a source of spiritual growth and victory for both parties.

The verse above speaks of a friend who has the potential of sharpening the countenance, or rather, the behaviour, demeanour, spirit, or conduct of his friend. Iron can’t be sharpened by paper, cloth, or anything softer, but it can be sharpened by iron. So too, a man can only be sharpened by another man who is just as sharp.

Too many, Christians are fighting this spiritual battle alone. We find ourselves breeding a life of loneliness and closing out life of from the Word of God and also from the gaze of other Christians.

We need to cultivate an environment of openness and accountability. I will further discuss these points at a later post for now who are you sharpening or not allowing to sharpen you?

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