I recently read Tim Challies’ little book Sexual Detox, which is a great help for Christian men in our pornified culture. The book includes a sobering description of the nature and effects of pornography and masturbation, an overview of God’s plan for sex and sexuality, and practical advice for detox for husbands and men in general. I think it would make a great book for men’s Bible study.

Because Tim’s writing is Bible-based, his perspective is realistic, in the best sense. Here’s an example:

No matter how mature you get in this area, the battle doesn’t end. Yes, detox is real. It’s needed, it’s critical, it’s an absolute must-have. But it’s no magic bullet or stake in the heart of your sin. Think of the purest, most noble, most mature Christian man you know. He is probably far more immune to porn’s enticements than most guys, but he is not completely immune. Neither will you be. Ever.

The wonderful transformation of a deep and thorough detox is necessary. Then, you will be stronger. There will be a new lightness and sense of freedom and joy in God as he pours out fresh grace. But none of us ever “arrive” in any kind of permanent way. We never become immune to this parasite of the soul.

So, getting free and staying free are different things but they involve the same process: Repentance, putting off the old, and putting on the new. You need to practice all three, on a regular basis, for the rest of your life.

You can buy it here in print or download the e-book.

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