When faced with health trials or when all human means have been exhausted, we turn to God in prayer. Christians worship a supernatural God. So why do we pray for divine intervention while still harbouring doubts that God will perform the miraculous?

We certainly can’t demand that God answers our prayer in a certain way, yet God encourages us to ask him for all our needs and he will give good gifts liberally. Yet as our petitions rise, doubts still plague us. Is this just our humility, or does our lack of faith prevent mountains from being moved in our lives?

On the face of it, there seemed to be far more miracles when Jesus walked the earth, than there are today. But are we looking at things correctly? Sometimes cancer is beaten against all medical odds. Sometimes the unexplained happens. Our modern life may be shouting out and shutting down the very miracles that God is performing.

God may choose to heal through medicine, through miracles, or not at all. The still small voice of God speaks daily into our world. In the end, all options are open to God, so let’s not box him in by human logic or our over-reactions to the excesses of the Pentecostal movement. The gifts of the Spirit are real and active. However, we must use them biblically and correctly for the edification of Christ’s body.

By its very definition, we naturally cannot compute the supernatural. As followers of Jesus, we are given access through the Spirit to the most powerful being—the creator and sustainer of the universe. When we grasp how big our God is, then we will understand more deeply his supernatural ability and his desire to be active in our lives.

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About Jeremy Crooks

Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at jeremy@jasonharris.com.au.


  1. PJ 26 August, 2011 at 9:26 am - Reply

    @Jeremy – “The gifts of the Spirit are real and active. However, we must use them Biblically and correctly for the edification of Christ’s body.”

    Agree. Do you think the gift of healing is one of those that are ‘active’ today? I.e. does the Spirit give some Believers the special ability to heal others like He gives some the ability to teach, exhort, administer etc.?

  2. Jeremy 26 August, 2011 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    PJ. I don’t know how God distributes gifts or if they are given in the same manner or in an equal degree.

    I just know that I have personally witnessed one of my good friends being miraculously healed. He was bound by crutches for 4 years after a car accident. A man with the gift of healing prayed for Him and he instantly walked without pain. That was 5 years ago and he is still healed. (Both I and he were previously skeptical of modern day ‘healing ministries’).

    I don’t claim to have all the answers to how God operates in the super-natural world. I just know that God is God and He can and will heal if He chooses. As such I give Him praise.

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