As we go about our daily lives, we subtly adopt the terminology of our workplace and culture. Many of the sayings we use come from pagan origins (such as thank your lucky stars). Even though we don’t think about astrology when we utter such a phrase, we are missing an opportunity to thank God and point others to him.

To be effective in evangelism, we don’t always have to preach a message every time we open our mouths. May I suggest by just changing a few key words in our every day speech? We can subtly but powerfully point to our faith. Consider these three examples:

1) Lucky become Blessed

e.g. ‘I am so lucky that I did not miss my bus and get soaked’, becomes ‘It was a blessing that I did not have to wait in the rain for the next bus’

2) Nature becomes Creation

e.g. ‘I am going to spend the weekend going bush walking, becomes, ‘I am going to go bush walking and enjoy creation’

3) Wish or Hope become Pray

e.g. ‘I hope you get better, becomes ‘I will pray that you get better’

What are some other ways that you would change one or two words in your every day language and bring more glory to God?

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About Jeremy Crooks

Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


  1. Liz 7 May, 2014 at 11:02 am - Reply

    I think the word ‘good’ has been hijacked to mean ‘acceptable’, ‘tolerable’ and ‘OK’.

    If God created everything and it was just good, then we’ve either changed the definition of good or God could have done better.

    My two cents.


  2. Jason Harris 12 May, 2014 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    “God willing”

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