Marital Abuse/How to Spot an Abuser

No One Knew

For the whole month of November, missionaries Jeremy and Liz Pinero and I took my 4 little "grand-angels" and lived up in the mountains of Big Bay in Vanuatu doing all the . . . well . . . jungle-stuff - like washing our clothes in the river, crouching over

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Defining Domestic Violence

Coming: Series 2 - Why the Abused Stay; Series 3 - Why Abusers Abuse; Series 4 - Helping the Abused We all occasionally lose our tempers, but within a short time we realize the damage we've done and broken-heartedly ask for forgiveness and a restored relationship. Marital abuse is in

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Cycle of Abuse

Learning of the existence of this well-known pattern of behaviour is often a shock down to the very core of the abused's soul. When that passes, a wave of immeasurable relief sweeps over this wife feeling uniquely alone, isolated and trapped. It is the confirmation of her sanity after all.

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Emotional and Mental Abuse

Like the tiny destructive termite in "No One Knew" (post 1 of 6 in this Series 1 of 4 "How to Spot an Abuser"), a marriage can be destroyed by "a thousand little razor-cuts of perpetual contempt, put-downs, sarcasm, lies, rudeness, rages, insults and silent treatments, even though a physical

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Financial and Spiritual Abuse

So far, we've covered physical violence and the cycle of abuse, plus emotional/mental abuse. Another method an abuser uses to get and maintain control of his wife is ... Financial Abuse He may make her account for every dollar she spends, limit her access to money, and keep her in

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Spotting an Abuser Before You Marry One

This is the last post in Series 1 - How to Spot An Abuser. COMING: Series 2 - Why the Abused Stay Series 3 - Why Abusers Abuse Series 4 - Help For the Abused In the last 5 posts, we have covered physical and verbal abuse patterns, but this is,

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