kcc_OL14_desktop_1024x768_02-smallThis women’s event in Sydney is coming up on 2 August.

Let’s zero in on the second speaker for the day.

Kathleen Nielson


Talk 2: Do you love me?

The question rings in our ears, as we hear Jesus ask it of Peter three times in John 21: “Do you love me?” We do well to listen in on Peter’s after-breakfast conversation with the risen Christ, for those words sent Peter out to grow the church we’re part of today. What does it mean to be the people who love Jesus…women who love Jesus? We’ll ask ourselves what this means for us now, as we take in that seaside scene where our Lord Jesus asked Peter his searching question: “Do you love me?”

About Kathleen

Kathleen_NielsonKathleen grew up in St. Louis and attended Wheaton College, where she earned a B.A. in English and French, sang in the Women’s Glee Club — and met her husband Niel. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in literature at Vanderbilt University, and has taught in the English departments of Vanderbilt, Bethel College (MN), and Wheaton. In recent years, Kathleen has spent the majority of her professional life writing, teaching, and speaking on biblical books and topics. She has directed and taught Bible studies at several churches, and speaks at conferences and retreats nationally and internationally. Kathleen serves as director of women’s initiatives for The Gospel Coalition, on whose website her periodic blogs can be found. She also serves on the board of directors of The Charles Simeon Trust.

Kathleen has authored numerous Bible studies as well as various articles, poems, and a book: Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word (2011).

For over three decades Kathleen has been joyfully married to her husband Niel. They share a heart for students — both at Covenant College where Niel served as president 2002-2012, and at other educational institutions they visit in their speaking roles. Kathleen and Niel have relished the chance to travel with groups of students to Kenya, Romania, India, South Africa, and Cambodia. Niel now leads a company (Dew Learning) developing digitised resources to serve the rapid growth of Christian schools throughout the world.

Kathleen and Niel have three grown sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law. Kathleen loves any kind of family time. . . playing with and reading to her two granddaughters. . . being part of her home church’s Bible study. . . enjoying long conversation around a dinner table. . . travel. . . seeing the Church at work in other cultures. . . reading. . . walking. . . stopping to talk over a cup of coffee or tea.

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About Joy Harris

Joy studied elementary education before going on to teach at the primary school level as well as homeschooling for twenty-six years. Joy has touched the lives of thousands through her ministry in state Religious Education, Sunday Schools, and Holiday Bible Clubs as well as through her speaking at various seminars and retreats. Joy is also a gifted musician and has collaborated on multiple recording projects as well as maintaining a private teaching studio for over thirty years. Joy is retired and lives in Cairns, Australia. Joy has seven children, twenty-one grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. You can contact Joy at joy@jasonharris.com.au.

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