Smart Phone, Dumb People

Over the past 5 years, the rise of the smartphone has been incredible. They have changed the way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate and - with the recently released iPhone 5 - the way we pay for things. We have been enamoured by the features

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How to Disagree without ‘Falling Out’

A life principle I try to live by is to not burn bridges. You never know when you will need to cross them again. However, we often live life so 'pig-headedly' that when we have a disagreement, we often go out in a blaze of glory, to accentuate our position.

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Since the fall, we are all destined to die. However we were created to live, not to die. Death is not how God intended this world to be. In creation, death was not natural, but now it is an ugly reality. Anyone working in nursing or aged care can tell

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Pastor or Pope?

The subject at hand is extremely controversial and the ramifications of such an article will no doubt cause me open contempt, disrespect and possibly the label of 'heretic.' In spite of the inevitable results, I feel it necessary, yea vital, to present readers with a Biblical perspective on the role

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When Were You Saved?

It is a common question that we often ask new people that we meet. It is an important question, because it reflects our eternal destiny. However, the answer to this question is not as straight forward as we may think. Consider these 5 possible and yet correct answers to the

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“But he’s NOT a Baptist”

Conservative Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement of our day has formulated a set of unwritten rules and regulations which men and women are expected to abide by. These have no Biblical foundation, or have been 'tweaked' and misinterpreted to promote these extra-biblical or non-Biblical standards. Although these 'laws,' for

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Christian vs State Schools

With the federal government currently reviewing the funding arrangements for public and private schools - through the Gonski report, the debate about the merits of various school options is sure to continue. Some of the most annimated and controversial comments on facebook and at church are around the merits of

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Celebrity Christians

One of most defining features of our time is the rise of the celebrity. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are famous for being famous. Talent and substance are not required. The ability to draw a crowd or following on facebook seems to be the only requirement to become a celebrity.

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The Perils of Capitalism

As a child of the 1980s, I grew up in the shadow of the cold war. The Free World (led by America) were the good guys while the Communistic world (led by Russia) were the bad guys. The battle between these two powers were in the realms of religion, politics,

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Altar Calls: Nothing more than a sales pitch

What is an altar call? An altar call is a practice in many evangelical churches in which those who desire to make a new spiritual commitment to Jesus are invited to come forward publicly. An altar call typically begins with a simple show of hands from the congregation signifying who

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