Grace-Based Confession

Bobby Emberley is in his last year of his bachelor’s degree programme at Bible college in the US. As a “pastor’s kid” brought up in a fundamental church and Christian school, he is well acquainted with fundamentalism as an insider. When he shared this story with me a few weeks

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Moving Men

Hudson Taylor Part 2 ‘To me it was a very grave matter,’ he (Hudson Taylor) wrote that winter, ‘to contemplate going out to China, far from all human aid, there to depend upon the living God alone for protection, supplies and help of every kind. I felt that one’s spiritual

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Talking with God

I enjoy personal and corporate prayer. I enjoy reading prayers in the Scriptures and the prayers of men and women who love God. I pray before meals and when I’m in the car. I try to follow the Biblical pattern of adoration, confession, and intercession. Something most unusual happened today.

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For the last few weeks , our pastor has been taking us through prayer in the Old testament during our mid week meetings. These are some of the things that I learned: 1-Moses' tireless intercessory prayers were a dialogue not a monologue. 2-Willful prayer is getting our own way in

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The Prayer of a Seventeen Year Old Quaker Girl

I stumbled across this prayer one morning during my devotional time. It caused me to think about the way I pray. I found myself asking questions like, “Do I see myself as God sees me?”, “Do I appreciate what God has done for me?”, and “Do I want to let

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