My neighbour Julia is a Lebanese widow in her seventies who speaks very little English. When we moved to her neighbourhood , eight years ago, she was kind and friendly but from a distance. You need to understand that she was purposely distant with me after she knew that I

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Rob Apps Interview (Australian Pastor/Solicitor)

. . Rob Apps has kindly agreed to an email interview for our InFocus readers. But first, I want to direct you to the updated website for Apps Ministries. It's got a new look and should be a helpful resource, particularly for pastors and ministry leaders. . . . JH:

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Needed: New Churches

I've recently been thinking about church planting and will present three posts on the topic. I hope this will interest and provoke you, especially if you have not considered or experienced life in a new church. Do We Need More Churches? Based on the National Church Life Surveys, Sydney Anglican

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A Missionary Melody

My pastor, Steven Mock, preached on Psalm 96 on Sunday. He called this Psalm "a missionary melody." "Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!" There were three key points that Steven made from the text: 1. Mission starts with worship (v. 1) Mission is

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There’s Nothing in All the World Like the Local Church

There's nothing in all the world like the local church. There's joy. There's friendship. There's fellowship and life. People are being born again. People are testifying publicly through baptism. People are learning to love and know God. There are wise elderly mentors. There are children. There are families. There is

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