F. W. Boreham: The great Christian essayist

The article below was written by Dr. Andrew Corbett of Finding Truth Matters. He is currently in the process of producing a series of documentaries on the life of F. W. Boreham and provides some brilliant resources on Boreham's life at his website. Dr. Corbett has generously given permission to

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F. W. Boreham

I was first introduced to the writings of F. W. Boreham by my brother-in-law, Jeremy Pinero. At the time I read only a few excerpts from his books. Several years later, Jeremy and I were rummaging through a second-hand bookstore in Wollongong when we came across a set of books

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Pink in Sydney

A.W. Pink is probably best known for writing The Sovereignty of God.  Written in 1918, it was a controversial but strong argument for God's supremacy.  Virtually unknown in his lifetime, he speaks through his writings today.  Biographer Iain Murray claims he was "one of the most influential evangelical authors in

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Sticks, Sand and Slingshots

Children live in Pormpuraaw. They can be found in many places around here. You don”™t have to look far even if you”™re just driving into town. They could be playing marbles on the road, throwing rocks at certain trees to get the fruit down or chasing one another around the

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The National Baptist Fellowship 2010 (Brisbane)

The Independent Baptist's largest annual convention has been taking place this week in Brisbane. I'm really glad to see that it's being live streamed. I almost went this year but my budget and schedule conspired to strangle the life out of that idea. But I wanted to share a few

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Church History & the independent churches in Australia

I would like to discuss church history within the context of the independent church movement from a historian’s perspective. Independent churches (by nature of their definition) are not connected to formal denominations. What this means is that the pastoral emphasis is usually on historical personalities or thematic developments correlated to

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Good Books

I once read a survey which listed top books recommended by evangelical leaders. It was fascinating to discover which books had influenced the minds of great pastors and leaders. Theological titles comprised most of the list, while some were biographical or fictional. Have you ever considered what books have impacted

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Australia: A New History of the Great Southern Land

Why do we celebrate Australia Day? Based on a 2006 federal survey of 10,000 Year 10 students and 10,000 Year 6 students, more than three-quarters of Australian teens did not know that Australia Day commemorates the First Fleet's arrival and British settlement. (but YOU knew that, right?) If you have

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Our Country, Our Responsibility

Revival in Australia, Part Four By Jason Harris This brief series on revival in Australia has not been an overview, but merely a few brief windows into the rich spiritual heritage of our nation. We could yet talk of the great evangelistic works of Lionel B. Fletcher and John G.

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A Hunger for God’s Word

Revival in Australia, Part Three By Jason Harris The glowing evangelistic days of Torrey and Alexander’s Melbourne mission in 1902 were not one-off events. There were many campaigns held around the country. One of the most notable was held in 1909 when Charles Alexander returned to Australia, this time with

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