Lionel B. Fletcher

I was looking into the life of Australian evangelist Lionel B. Fletcher this afternoon and was amazed to discover that there was no Wikipedia entry for him. I then spent a considerable portion of said afternoon setting that right! I first "met" Fletcher at Bible college when we were assigned

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The fellowship of the dead

I wonder if any genre has so much to offer the believer as biography. There is wonderful fellowship to be had among those whose lives ended even before ours began. Muster of the dead Hundreds of lives have been recorded. People whose faith and joy in God changed our nation

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The Perils of Democracy

Following on from the discussion regarding the Perils of Capitalism, it is worth considering the assumption that democracy is the best form of earthly government. As Australia undergoes Rudd vs. Gillard Part II, many voters are asking the question, "When I voted Rudd in 2007, why did I get Gillard?

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Where can I find books by F. W. Boreham?

Daniel is on holiday this week so I thought I'd take the chance to put up some resources on the life of F. W. Boreham.   I recently completed a series of posts on the life of the top selling Australian author of all time—F. W. Boreham. I wanted to

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How Many Kids Should I Have?

The average Australian family size with 2.4 kids is not as common as it use to be. Increasingly small sedans are making way for either Toyota Coasters or a Mazda MX5s. When we look to the Bible for guideance, we cannot find a passage that tells us how many children

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Ten years on: Reflections on 9/11

Today marks ten years since that fateful day. Six years ago today, I published my experience of 9/11. A portion follows here: September 11, 2001, 9.55 am: I walk into my Biblical Foundations class at university and overhear a classmate saying something about a terrorist strike. I also hear something

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The empty crib

It was on the lawn in front of the Silverstream Manse that I lost my faith in the unimpeachable excellence of cleanliness. Cleanliness is a good thing; but, like most good things, it can be overdone. We were lounging under the shade of a giant elm—Sidwell, Clive Hislop, John Broadbanks

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The Minor Minor Prophets

It was the deliberate opinion of Charley Bates, the pickpocket, that Bill Sikes' dog was 'an out-and-out Christian.' 'He wouldn't so much as bark in a witness-box for fear of committing himself; no, not if you tied him up in one, and left him there without vittles for a fortnight,'

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Spurgeon’s text

It was the first Sunday of the New Year, and this was how it opened! On roads and footpaths the snow was already many inches deep; the fields were a sheet of blinding whiteness; and the flakes were still falling as though they never meant to stop. As the caretaker

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On Frightening Timothy

It is an evil thing and a bitter to frighten Timothy. And it is woefully easy to do. Timothy is very young. He always was! He always will be! Timothy has solved the problem of perpetual youth. He will never grow old. He was very young when he went up

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