That C-word. No one expects it. No one welcomes it. It's just a small lump in the middle of my back. Not even sure it's worth mentioning to my doctor.  Sure - we'll watch it and see if it grows or becomes irregular in shape. It'll be fine. It wasn't

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How would you label the expression on the face of that Ugandan boy?! When my granddaughter started up her new bubble-making machine, the 50 or so noisy Sunday School children stopped suddenly with their mouths open. They’d never seen bubbles and were afraid of them! After being shown that they

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Return to your Rest

"Where is God? Where is He in my suffering? Where is His goodness He promised me? Why has He forsaken me?" This week has not been an easy one for me. I've been stressed out, depressed, and struggling with several key questions in my life. In the midst of it

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My Longing Soul

"It's OK. I can do whatever I want because God's forgiveness is always available and limitless." What wrong thinking can you identify in that statement? I met a man who, at age 57, has neuropathy in his feet, neck and spine. The constant excruciating pain, numbness and incapacity are relieved

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The fellowship of the dead

I wonder if any genre has so much to offer the believer as biography. There is wonderful fellowship to be had among those whose lives ended even before ours began. Muster of the dead Hundreds of lives have been recorded. People whose faith and joy in God changed our nation

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How to Run Through the Pain

With the 2012 London Olympics having come to a conclusion, many of us have witnessed the incredible efforts of talented athletes. Australia was somewhat disappointed with our overall medal result of 7 gold and 16 silver. One newspaper reported that government funding through the Australian Institute of Sport represented $10.6

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A magnificent repentance!

I used to think that legalism was externally imposed. I had recently read Bridges' Transforming Grace and had begun to see the grip that legalism had on my life. My security in God's love was not based solely on Christ's imputed righteousness, but in my ability to meet a certain

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Thirsting after God

Psalm 42:1-2 (ESV) As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. What is the ultimate difference between duty and delight within the realm of Christianity? How is it that there are times in our

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When Were You Saved?

It is a common question that we often ask new people that we meet. It is an important question, because it reflects our eternal destiny. However, the answer to this question is not as straight forward as we may think. Consider these 5 possible and yet correct answers to the

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Feeling Rejected?

Charles Simeon is a fascinating character study in rejection. Six years before Captain Cook sailed into Port Jackson, Simeon was an unloved English minister placed in a church where the people wanted someone else and they weren’t afraid to show it. Over a ten year period the congregation tried various

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