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What Christians must require of Malcolm Turnbull

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took to the podium to speak on the night of the Federal election, there are a number of things he could have said that wouldn't have been surprising at all. What he did say was very surprising. I can report that based on the advice

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How Can We Help the Sexual Abuse Victim?

With society's current focus on the Duggars, maybe it'd be a good idea to look into general principles of how to help the victims of sexual abuse. What does a victim deal with? The abuse paradigm is a unique issue in which we need to educate ourselves. “She feels more

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Can Faith Survive When Hope Dies?

or How Does a Young Mother Survive Losing Two Babies? Press Interview with Nancy Guthrie At KCC's #OneLove14 women's event and #Oxygen2014 week-long conference last month in Sydney, the speaker that touched my heart the most was Nancy Guthrie. Here are questions the press asked Nancy and her candid answers. Q: Was

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So what about separation?

So I've spent the week at Oxygen 2014 sitting under, and publicly engaging, the preaching of men like Don Carson, Francis Chan, John Lennox, Paul Tripp, and Bryan Chapell. But what about separation? What about contending for the faith? Doesn't the fact that some of these men hold to very

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Australia’s premiere evangelical event?

KCC's Oxygen is becoming, it seems to me, Australia's premiere evangelical event. This week 1,500+ Christian leaders have gathered in Sydney to rally around the gospel of Jesus Christ. The dominant majority of the preaching and teaching has been contentful, theologically sound, gospel-saturated, and passionately felt. If you're looking for

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Some thoughts on Oxygen so far

Here are some observations from my time here at Oxygen 2014 so far. Concerns First, there is a danger that, in trying to bring people together from a broad spectrum of Christian circles, we can so dilute the content of our combined fellowship as to make it tepid. For instance,

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#onelove2014 – Gems From the Last Session

I wanted to share one more post about my experience at KCC's One Love Women's Conference last Saturday.  Though all 3 sessions were amazing, Bryan Chapell's touched me the most.  His topic was "Just Mary:  An Expression of Christ's Love for the Vulnerable" from Colossians 3. He started out addressing

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Launching twitter coverage of Oxygen 2014

I'm in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park today and I'm excited to be covering Oxygen 2014 live from today until Thursday (It's not too late to register by the way). To follow our live twitter stream, follow our twitter account @teaminfocus! We'll be tweeting throughout the day there. My

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#onelove2014 – Wrap-up

All good things must end . . . but what a powerful end! Bryan Chapell spoke on Christ's love for the vulnerable and it was so good that I will post a separate blog on the highlights. Again, I left in tears over how incredible God is! But I wanted

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#onelove2014 – “Do You Love Me?”

Nancy Guthrie just spoke at One Love women's convention here today, helping us understand HOW to repond to God's amazing love. From John 21 where Jesus asked Peter 3 times "Do You Love Me?", we see Jesus graciously offering forgiveness for the 3 times Peter denied Him. Words can't be

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