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Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and the Gospel

Note: I first started writing this post over 2 years ago, but never published it. Since the advent of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent hot debates about cartoon depictions, religious expression, and equating Christian and Muslim extremism, I have decided to finish and post it. Principles of Free Speech

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Evangelism Through Etymology

As we go about our daily lives, we subtly adopt the terminology of our workplace and culture.   Many of the sayings we use come from pagan origins  (such as 'thank your lucky stars).   Even though we don't think about astrology when we utter such a phrase, we are

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I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It

The elephant in the room is sexuality. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are everywhere. Sex is rarely discussed in churches, but Sex is the one issue that dominates our City. Historically Christianity has allowed the world to set the agenda for sexual discussions. Sadly, now the world has gone gaga

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What’s Your Style?

I worked part-time in a department store during my seminary years. The store promoted clothing from Ralph Lauren and other brands, with glossy posters and creative displays. Each brand presented a certain "look" to attract the customer. I soon became aware of the value of style. What is style? Style

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iPads.. in a ministry context

Chances are (if you’re reading this blog) you know about the launch of the Apple iPad. Perhaps you’re curious about its potential for use in a ministry context? Perhaps you have a strong opinion (for or against) based on your technological preference? I own one. Here are my initial thoughts:

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Doing Hard Things

Jessica Watson's solo world voyage was a remarkable success, especially considering her young age. Sixteen year-old Jessica sailed non-stop for over 200 days and 20,000 nautical miles. Prior to this journey, she had already gained over 10,000 miles of sailing experience. Jessica's ambition and abilities are unusual, compared to most

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Designer Furniture & Monks

I recently read an article about designer furniture on a domestic flight in China. In summary: 1) The wealthy in China have property and technology, 2) Furniture will be the next status symbol, and 3) Buying furniture from China is unacceptable (this is ironic considering where the rest of the

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Making Good Entertainment Better

Last week, I drank a mixture of kiwi fruit, banana, apple and guava that promised “wellness” and the “balance of the mind and soul.” (For what it’s worth – I think that the bacon, sausage and mushrooms led an insurgency against the wellness). Entertainment is like eating. There are so

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To Each His Own…

"To each his own." It's the only absolute truth for most Australians. Here's a rebuttal in four characters: 9/11 It's not rocket science after all. If you leave the terrorist to "his own," the people in the plane die. And the building. 2,973 of them in all. We know intuitively

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Postmodernism: Coming to a Theatre Near You

DISCLAIMER: The fact that a movie is referred to in this post does not imply that the movie is recommended by the editor, the blogging team, the GMT leadership team, any particular local church, or my pet gecko. Complaints may be directed to my pet gecko. The most influential preachers

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