“But he’s NOT a Baptist”

Conservative Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement of our day has formulated a set of unwritten rules and regulations which men and women are expected to abide by. These have no Biblical foundation, or have been 'tweaked' and misinterpreted to promote these extra-biblical or non-Biblical standards. Although these 'laws,' for

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Whatever Happened to Fundamentalism?

‘Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck.’ 1 Tim.1:19 There is so much discussion occurring in magazines, blogs and the pulpits of our land regarding the subject of fundamentalism. Many Pastors are trying so hard to hold on to their concept

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Labels … More Harm than Good?

Do you every wonder why Spirituality is respected, but Religion is a dirty word? Consider the myriad of Christian terms: Protestant, Orthydox; Reformed, Charismatic; Fundamentalist, Evangelical; And this is before we use sub-denominations, philosophies or personalities. If this definition growth continues, we will soon run out of phone boxes to

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The Norway Massacre and Christian Fundamentalism

Before I went to bed on Friday night, I noticed the Oslo bombing in the headlines. But my heart sank as I pulled up the news on Saturday morning to discover the extent of the carnage and the events that followed. I felt a deep sense of sadness as I

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