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Evangelism Through Etymology

As we go about our daily lives, we subtly adopt the terminology of our workplace and culture.   Many of the sayings we use come from pagan origins  (such as 'thank your lucky stars).   Even though we don't think about astrology when we utter such a phrase, we are

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Good change is not inevitable

My friend, Good change is not inevitable. It seemed for years that the battle against slavery in the British Empire would be lost. Those who fought to abolish the evil of slavery—men like John Newton, William Pitt, and William Wilberforce—felt at times a sense of the impossibility of the task.

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Foreword to “The Doctrine of Scripture”

The foreword to the newest InFocus Publications book was written by Bob Hayton and follows: Another book on the King James Only debate? Much ink has been spilled and many passions expended in what may be the ugliest intramural debate plaguing conservative, Bible-believing churches today. Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, Baptists and

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Why the Abused Stay/Reasons Other Than Fear

Marital Abuse posts to date: Series 1 - How to Spot An Abuser;;;;; Series 2 - Why the Abused Stay; Note: It's been difficult to post from Vanuatu with the excruciatingly slow internet (if there is any!) Plus, my Tablet wouldn't charge,

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