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Questions About Music…

Music, being perhaps one of the most controversial issues in Christianity today, brings up a lot of questions. Many of them deserve to be answered personally and honestly. Is bigger, louder, more majestic... better? When I listen to sacred music throughout the week, am I using it for entertainment? If

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Glorifying God in Conflict

"It is important to realise that if you do not glorify God when you are involved in a conflict, you will inevitably glorify someone or something else. By your actions you will show either that you have a big God or that you have a big self and big problems.

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On Sharper Iron

It’s kind of hard to express the things I felt as I read Jason Janz’ article yesterday morning announcing that he is moving on and passing the leadership of SI to Aaron Blumer. Though I don’t know Jason personally, I do feel a sense of comraderie with him because of

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Six Reasons Pastors Should Blog

I’ll admit it’s not my title, but it sure is a good title. It’s actually Abraham Piper’s title and he wrote the article which you can read here. And I encourage you to do so, but if you can’t, I’ll give a very brief summary because this is something that

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The Dangers of Distance Preaching

By Steven Mock The first church in Jerusalem was formed in Acts 2 when Peter preached a powerful, Spirit-filled, convicting message. God used Peter’s words to convert 3,000 people who were baptized and started meeting together. Verse 42 tells us they had four priorities as a local church: the apostles’

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